Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ain't Karma a Bitch, Andy?

No sooner had the ink dried on my post "Suck it, Hamingson" when I received this bit of news:
"Andrew D. Hamingson has resigned as executive director of the Public Theatre...Asked if his departure reflected disagreements with other leaders of the Public about its business or artistic affairs, Mr. Hamingson said that he would let his statement in the release 'speak for itself.'"
Well well well. Ain't karma a bitch, Andy. Nearly two years to the day after he fired my wife with no warning and no reason given, Mr. Hamingson finds himself on the "sudden departure" list.

Or course my wife wasn't the first General Manager he had fired without warning or cause. When Mr. Dickhead was at the Atlantic Theatre he fired the General Manager the same way. No warning. No reason. But there he did it at a breakfast "meeting."

I know I shouldn't revel in other people's misery but I have been carrying deep deep hatred for this man for the the way he handled my wife's "sudden departure."

But the important addendum to the story was summed up nicely by a friend of ours:
"Nicki Genovese, past GM of The Public whom Hamingson fired for no apparent reason, is now thriving as the head of Theater Management at Cal State Long Beach, and living happily ever after in sunny Studio City near some of her dearest friends."

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